I’m working to be sure Ward 6 is a place everyone can always call home.

When we build a community that everyone feels part of, we are building a strong community where people not only live, but thrive. In my time representing Ward 6, I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together. There’s still work to do and we need experienced leadership and a bold vision to meet this moment.

I am a Fair Elections candidate. This means every dollar donated by a DC resident is matched 5-to-1. (And no PAC or corporate donations!)
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What are my priorities in the next four years?

Affordable Housing: I’ve prioritized creating affordable housing at all income levels and family sizes, working toward a goal of having a home for everyone at every stage of life. Ward 6 now leads the District in the creation of new affordable homes. I’m committed to continuing this work, being both creative and moral in our push for more housing for all.

Public Education: I’ve focused on improving our public schools inside and out – putting more than $600 million into modernizing Ward 6 schools and a greater emphasis on the funding and resources needed for at-risk students to succeed.

Violence Prevention: I’m committed to building a robust violence prevention and interruption response that helps make us safer now and in the long-term by funding data-driven and proven crime reduction strategies and ensuring our police department is focused and ready to hold bad actors accountable. We also must invest in both reaching young people at risk of making a bad decision and ensuring our neighbors are successful when they return from having served their time — all of which makes us a safer and more just city.

Public Transit: We need leadership that understands the critical role our WMATA system plays in our daily life and across the broader region. I’ll fight to pass innovative policies like my Metro For DC plan, which would give DC residents a $100 monthly balance on their SmarTrip card and annually invest $10 million in improving our bus service.

Shared Spaces: Even with so many urgent challenges around the pandemic, public safety, and housing, I’ve worked with neighbors to create beautiful new Ward 6 parks, playgrounds, splash pads, and libraries that serve as our town squares and places we come together.

Safe Streets: I’m fighting to make our streets safer for everyone — whether you’re walking, riding, or driving. This includes ensuring my Vision Zero Enhancement Omnibus law, recently passed by the Council, is implemented fully.

Bold Leadership: I led a transformational Council effort that will help thousands of unhoused neighbors move into stable homes, make major investments in childcare, invest in proven public safety strategies, and create a first-in-the-nation monthly basic income for our lowest-income working families and neighbors.


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